When planning a home remodel, it’s essential to have a good vision for what you want to achieve. Is it more living space? More light? Or simply finding an aesthetic that you find more up-to-date and appealing? 

Coming up with home renovation ideas can be fun, but it can be challenging to make these decisions when you’re unsure of what options are available or which renovations are the smartest ones to make. Not to worry, in this article, we’re going to run through your home and give you some tips on the best renovations you can make that will increase the value of your home.


Bathrooms are one of the most important and most often used parts of the home. There are endless ways you can add value to your home through a bathroom remodel, including adding backlit mirrors, stone fittings, and victorian tubs, to name a few. 

You first need to decide on what look you want and commit to it. Marble, simple white tiles, or even treated wood make your bathroom beautiful and comfortable. Consider underfloor heating for when the winter rolls in. If possible, skylights can also add some much-needed luminosity to the space.


Too often, basements are dark, underutilized spaces filled with odds and ends and the obligatory furnace. However, many basements have enormous amounts of untapped potential. 

If you’re looking for a return on your home investment, doing a complete remodel of your basement is a no-brainer. While this type of home renovation cost can be high, so is the pay-off as you add potential square footage of usable space to your home. 

What was once an unused space can now become a new living room, study, or even a whole self-sustaining apartment. When remodelling a basement, access to light and not interfering with any of the home’s infrastructure, such as plumbing and heating, are two things to consider. 


The kitchen is often the beating heart of a home. It’s where you prepare all of your meals, and for many, families gather to eat. When considering a home remodel, the kitchen is a prime candidate. 

When modernizing your kitchen, you will want to think about what kinds of flooring and fittings to utilize. If you’re still dealing with years old lino or treated wood, it’s time for an update. Consider sleek and elegant Scandinavian style cupboards and stone tiles or some more environmentally friendly options available today. 

If your dining room is adjacent, perhaps consider knocking out the wall and creating an open plan. All of these options can add serious value to your home – and simultaneously make your living experience all the more comfortable.

Outdoor Structures 

It’s not just the interior of your home you should think about, but the exterior as well. You can create more recreational space by installing a deck where people can relax and make the most of the warmer months. 

Speaking of the warmer months, why not think about adding in a swimming pool? You would be surprised at how affordable some pools are. A lovely patio with a fire pit or barbecue area are other options you may want to consider. Your only limitations are budget and space. 

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