These days most of us are trying to be akin to what we put in our bodies. With social media and other mediums sharing news of products containing harmful cancer-causing ingredients, people are trying to stray away from such products. While we know the dangers of aluminum and other such chemicals, did you know that there are products we use every day that contain asbestos? 

What is asbestos? You might have heard the term with regards to house insulation. Asbestos is a building material that was popular in the 1900s. It was cost-efficient, fire, electricity and heat resistant, the perfect product–so they thought. After prolonged use, medical professionals started noticing a link between asbestos exposure and a rare form of cancer. 

Although there are asbestos regulations today, you may still find them in your everyday products and not even know it.


Talc is a common ingredient found in makeup. It’s used to provide makeup with a creamy, soft texture. While talc may be the softest ingredient on earth, it is often contaminated with asbestos. In recent years children’s and adult makeup have gone through asbestos testing and have come back testing positive for the cancer-causing ingredient.

The reason for this contamination is due to the fact that talc and asbestos form together as minerals. It’s not the consumers who are adding asbestos to their products. It’s the lack of testing and regulations when mining the talc.

Baby Powder

Baby powder, also known as talcum powder, is another standard household product made using talc. A popular baby powder brand has been sued in the past for knowingly selling its product with traces of asbestos in it. Since the asbestos finding in this popular brand, other talcum powder brands have been through asbestos testing, with over 20% of them coming back positive. 

Hair Dryers

This everyday item might be an unexpected one, but hairdryers of the past often contained asbestos. Asbestos was used to insulate hairdryers back in the 1970s leaving hairdressers and buyers exposed for years. Fortunately, manufacturers figured out the risk between asbestos exposure and cancer and stopped using it in hair dryers manufactured after the 1980s. It is still important to remain cautious when using older hair dryer models. 

Gardening Products

With spring in the air, it’s essential to be aware of this common garden product containing asbestos. Vermiculite is an ingredient found in popular organic fertilizers. This naturally occurring mineral is very absorbent and expands when exposed to heat, making it ideal for gardens. The mineral itself doesn’t contain asbestos, but it’s mined in facilities containing asbestos, so contamination is very high. 

Although they say the asbestos amount found in vermiculite is low, it is always crucial to err on the side of caution. When buying large sizes of vermiculite, always read the labels and look for ones containing “dust-free.” Also, always use vermiculite outdoors where there is lots of ventilation. Ensure you change your clothes before going inside.

Complete Property Restorations (CPR)

Knowing the dangers of asbestos and the long-term effects, this isn’t a chemical you want around your house or in your everyday products. Asbestos can be dangerous to remove, so it is best left to the professionals. At Complete Property Restorations, we care about you and the health of your family and co-workers. If you think your property might contain asbestos, please consider contacting us today for asbestos removal. While removal costs vary, we are willing to price match any quote you may have received.

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