The Main Causes of Sewage Backup

Tree Root Intrusions

Leaking pipes or pipes with condensation can attract roots searching for water. The roots often then infiltrate the pipes and can cause cracks, and breakage. This growth will gradually stop your pipes and eventually burst them. Evidence of this is through stoppage in your shower or toilet or gurgling noises from your pipes.

Unless you live in an apartment building or do not have trees near your home, this is an issue you could very well face. Should this happen to you, you should immediately call a local handyman to remove the clog, and evaluate the extent of the problem. From there, your handyman can clear the debris using pressurized water jets. As a preventative measure going forward, it is recommended to line your pipes with a sleeve to seal it and eliminate any water leakage. Going forward, remember to hire help for ongoing maintenance to remove roots before they can cause damage.

Broken or Collapsed Sewer Pipes

If you have an older home, the sewage pipes for your house may be made out of cast iron and clay. These types of pipes can break down over time, and create sewage backup.

To take preventative action against your pipes breaking, for this reason, have an assessment performed to determine your type of pipes, and if they are cast iron and clay, have them removed and instead put in plastic pipes, which are more long-lasting.

For additional coverage, including a sleeve around the pipe as mentioned above.

Cold Weather Unclog Drain, Shower or Toilet

If you live in Canada, or other northern countries, it’s expected you’ll have a cold winter. Unfortunately, this extreme weather can damage your pipes if they are not properly insulated. Should your pipes freeze, you could be left without running water, which can cause a backlog or water leakage when you try to flush your toilet.

If you notice this in your home, it is best to call a handyman and a cleaning crew (depending on the severity of the damage) to deal with the issue. The handyman will fix the leakage, while the cleaning crew will put your home back in order. To get ahead of this issue, it is recommended to hire a handyman to perform an assessment prior to any disaster, to check that your pipes are adequately insulated.

Septic System Backups

A septic tank backup can cause problems around your entire home and is extremely costly to fix. Warning signs include slow flushing and draining toilet, along with bad odors around your house, and green grass or algae growing over your septic system, even during winter.

When faced with this issue, it is best to call a professional immediately. Septic specialists can fix your tank, and prevent further sewage from backing up. Cleaning specialists will completely clean, disinfect and restore your home. To prevent this from occurring, it is wise to get maintenance done periodically on your septic system.

Overall, any sewage issue can cause severe health implications, and unless it is a minor leakage, it is advised to call a professional to handle the situation.

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